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Beaphar Degu Care+ (box of 4x1.5kg)

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Product Description

Beaphar Degu Care+ (box of 4x1.5kg)

"CARE+ Degu is a complete feeding stuff for degus. CARE+ Degu is a very tasty, super premium complete feed, which has been developed in collaboration with Veterinary Surgeons and nutritionists. CARE+ is extruded, so every pellet has the same composition (all in one). The result is no more left-overs and the assurance that a complete diet has been consumed, because selective feeding will be prevented. The hardened pellets support the natural wearing of the teeth. CARE+ Degu contain Vitamin E for the body cells, a suitable amount of crude fibre, aromatic herbs and no added sugar. CARE+ Degu is a perfectly balanced feed for degus, which considers all their natural nutritional needs."

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