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Shelf edging (ONLY) for 36"(approx 914mm) wood shelf (and securing screws) - To help prevent chewing shelves- when ordered with a cage I fit them.

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Product Description

Shelf edging (ONLY) for 36" wood shelf (and securing screws)

I can supply just the galvanised steel shelf edging for self fit BUT PLEASE BE AWARE THAT I MAKE THESE TO SUIT THE THICKNESS OF WOOD SHELVING I USE 25mm (1") THICK PLANED TIMBER SO APPROX FINISHED THICKNESS 20mm (3/4")

To fit yourself the shelf should be removed from cage as they are intended to be a tight fit to shelf for safetys sake.
Then I find the easiest way to fit is to offer the shelf into one end of the edge guard (one end is often just slightly larger) then (preferally using a rubber or wood mallet) hammer the edging down the shelf, then secure with the screws provided.

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