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EZI-FILLA CHINCHILLA/DEGU 250cc drinking container. (BOTTLE PROTECTION BRACKET RECOMMENDED) FOR USE WITH CHINCHILLAS AND DEGUS ETC (please see bulk quantities at top of page for orders of 10 units and over -can be mixed ezi fillas)

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Approx. size of 250cc square bottle 59mm x 59mm x 132mm tall
Product Description

EZI-FILLA CHINCHILLA 250cc drinking container
An ideal drinking bottle for Chinchillas, Degus, Rats, Rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small/medium rodents. If you presently use conventional ball bearing water bottles then you probably experience such problems as: 1) Having to remove the bottle to fill it 2) Having to fill it to the top with water to minimize its dripping 3) Constantly getting the tube chewed and then leaking badly 4) Dropping the bottle and breaking it 5) Cracking bottles due to changes of temperature 6) Leaking bottles due to hot weather 7) The constant rattling of the ball bearing whilst animal is drinking 8) The ongoing cost of constantly replacing these bottles HOW CAN ‘EZI-FILLA’ SAVE YOUR VALUABLE TIME AND MONEY? 1) The bottle easily fixes to most wire cages and hutches with the spring provided, and can be filled to any level of water without removing it from cage or hutch.
2) The stainless steel drinking valve is much quieter when the animal is drinking, and being very sensitive when touched gives a good flow of water, that immediately shuts off (without drips) once the animal stops touching it.
3)The plastic bottle itself is virtually indestructible, and due to temperature variations should not break or leak, thus saving constant replacement costs.

Valve is made of solid brass material with a stainless steel stem and a tough elastomer seal and diaphragm. A great valve for rabbits and chinchillas and other larger rodents.
How it Works: To drink, animals simply move the stainless steel stem by biting or licking, releasing water. When the animal releases the end of the stem, the elasticity of the silicone rubber diaphragm located behind the stem head pushes the head back to the closed position, stopping the flow of water.

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