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Product Details

Chinchilla Breeder Large cage appx 36x18x15.75”tall (approx.914x457x400mm(note only 15.75"(400mm) tall.)

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Flip hopper and extra shelf not included
Product Description

Chinchilla Breeder cages are the same base size as my pet type cages but only 15.75" tall
This reduced height reduces falling distances for babies.
Complete with;
1 front doorway appx 15"x9" and 1 side door,enabling access for all shelf replacement
Slide out under mesh clean out tray
Two softwood shelves, however if flip hoppers and cut outs are requested then there is only space in some cages for one shelf, so other shelf will be supplied as a spare.
Fixed hay rack

( flip hopper can be fitted if requested at extra cost)

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