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Sky X trail cage (only 1 available) this cage has a set of 10 splash guards fitted- please see 'more details' for product description

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cage as shown
Product Description

Sky X trail cage
This cage is unused (not had pets in it) It is a cage I have used for a template size when making any trays and splash guards etc.
There is a full fitted set of 10 splash guards with the cage.
This cage is put together so a pallet delivery at 75.00 is required to many postcodes.
This is an extremely popular metal cage suitable for Chinchilla, Rats and Degus, Ferret, Squirrel and other similar sized animals.

It has chew-proof bars and is powder coated in a non toxic paint.

It comes with two solid metal trays (one with an opening so your pet/pets can get into each level) which can be pulled out for cleaning to minimise cleaning time.

It also comes with two metal shelves which add in different levels for your pet to climb on and three ladders with rungs for your pets to climb on.

This cage has two opening doors one on each level, this allows for easy access to your pet. These doors have convenient, easy but very secure locks on them.
Late 2014 cages changed size of top small platform, but customers tell me guards will still fit.

The X trail with guards (FOR REFERENCE ONLY)

The X Trail is an all metal cage so will require a good supply of toys and wood for pets to chew.
Suggested by manufacturer as suitable for chinchillas, degus ,rats, ferrets and squirrels.
For customers who prefer a bar type cage as opposed to mesh (as all the cages I make are) this is a good size two level cage with a bottom tray and a centre tray with a cut out so as to use as one large cage.
It also has 2 metal half shelves and 3 ladders.
If requiring to use it as 2 separate cages, please enquire as I can make a galvanised steel tray (same colour as the splash guards shown in pic)
To make this cage more mess friendly I have made internal splash guards that bolt on so as to help contain any mess.
THE TOP TRAY AND SHELF are slightly smaller than the lower ones, the guards are shaped so as to enable the trays to fit more snugly for easier cleaning and reduce some of the vibrations and noise.
For the top cage tray (the one with the cut out) the rear and one end guard are shaped so as to fit the tray more snugly and the other end one is the same shape as the ones used on the bottom tray.(slightly sloping towards the tray)
The top smaller in size shelf also has a back and side splash guard with the same spacing shape to enable the shelf to fit more snugly.
THE BOTTOM TRAY AND SHELF have a straight guard for the backs and shaped ones of the same length for both sides of the bottom tray and one for the shelf.

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