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2 tier chin cage (24"DEEP (610mm)) with RAMP ACCESS/CLOSURE (36x24x48"tall) (approx.914x610x1220mm)------ Front weight supports are fitted on this cage--

CHINCHILLA 2 TIER (24"DEEP)CAGE 36"x24"deepx48" tall
An ideal cage if you require more floor area, plus the use of either one very large cage, or being able to use as 2 sepatate spacious cages, access using a MESH RAMP for access.(Ideal for the larger type chinchillas that a customer may feel the 3" diameter pop hole and shutter may be too small).

The ramp can then be closed with the bolt and wing nut through the back of cage (there is also a side door to make this simple) so as to become two separate cages.
When using the ramp this bolt and wing nut can be used to secure ramp in open position by fitting to cage side holding ramp secure.

Due to being 24" deep, the cage has extra large doorway openings 18"x9" thus allowing you to reach all areas of the cage for cleaning.

It also has a side door for shelf replacement etc.
This cage DOES HAVE FRONT WEIGHT SUPPORTS already fitted on the base cage, as with my deeper cages (front to back) the bottom mesh is higher from the slide out under tray, so as to prevent any sagging of the mesh from hitting the tray, and thus prevent tiny toes getting nipped when sliding the tray out.

This deeper depth between mesh floor and tray also applies to the top cage.

Each cage contains 2 softwood shelves, fitted hay rack and slide out tray.

LARGER CAGES SENT MAINLAND UK (prices for certain parts of Scotland and Wales may be more expensive)
Larger cages are sent by haulier on a pallet.
Carriage to some postcodes are cheaper than others. In such cases where a cage and other items are ordered and paid for on line, if the total carriage price exceeds the haulage charge, I will advise and refund any overpayment on carriage.

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