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60" tall 2 tier degu cage (24x18x60"tall) (approx 610x457x1524mm)

Extra tall degu 2 tier cage (60" tall) cages linked with pophole/shutter.So can be used as one large cage or two separate cages
Size;approx 24"x18"x60"tall

This is a 2 tier degu type cage giving more cage area in the height.

This Degu cage is approx 24"x18"x60" tall.
Divided into two cages of approx equal height and linked with a pop hole and shutter.

The bottom cage has a 4" deep cleanout tray, and the top level a 1"deep cleanout tray

Each cage has its own hay rack,15"x9" doorway,side door and the whole cage has a total of 5 soft wood shelves.

An advantage to all my solid based tray cages is the ability to remove the trays for cleaning, and due to having mesh underneath the cage can temporally contain your pets without having to move them from cage.

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