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DEGU ATTIC EXTENSION CAGE appx 36"x18"x23.25" tall (1"(25mm)deep tray) (approx 914x457x590mm)

DEGU ATTIC EXTENSION CAGE appx 36"x18"x23.25" tall (1" deep base)
DEGU ATTIC EXTENSION CAGE appx 36"x18"x23.25" tall complete with 1" deep solid based slide out cleaning tray.(so degus not running on mesh)
This cage comes complete with; 15"x9" doorway, 2 wood shelves and fitted pop hole/shutter, so as when used with a base cage of the same footprint size (36"x18")it can be used as one large cage with pop hole open or 2 separate cages with pop hole shut.

When putting an attic cage onto your existing cage you will need to cut a section of mesh out of the right hand side on the top of your existing cage for access to be gained to the attic.
To do this, put the attic on top of the cage you have and mark and cut out the same as the open area on the attic.
The mesh can be cut using side cutters or similar, and Please remember to file all sharp edges.
Some 'c' clips will be supplied to attach the attic to your existing cage which with care can be put on with ordinary pliers.(however some customers do use other means to secure)

An advantage to all my solid based tray cages is the ability to remove the trays for cleaning, and due to having mesh underneath the cage can temporally contain your pets without having to move them from cage.

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