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EZI-FILLA 250cc drinking container
An ideal drinking bottle for Rabbits, guinea pigs and small birds. If you presently use conventional ball bearing water bottles then you probably experience such problems as: 1) Having to remove the bottle to fill it 2) Having to fill it to the top with water to minimize its dripping 3) Constantly getting the tube chewed and then leaking badly 4) Dropping the bottle and breaking it 5) Cracking bottles due to changes of temperature 6) Leaking bottles due to hot weather 7) The constant rattling of the ball bearing whilst animal is drinking 8) The ongoing cost of constantly replacing these bottles HOW CAN ‘EZI-FILLA’ SAVE YOUR VALUABLE TIME AND MONEY? 1) The bottle easily fixes to most wire cages and hutches with the spring provided, and can be filled to any level of water without removing it from cage or hutch 2) For multiple cage systems you could remove the bottle cap with one hand, and by using a hosepipe or watering can (as examples) you can replace the water in a fraction of the time taken, rather than having to remove bottles. 3) Bottles need only be removed for cleaning, and this is much easier as EZI-FILLA bottles have wide necks 4) Due to the design of EZI-FILLA the drinking nozzle is long enough to attach to your solid wooden hutch sides or doors. (first by drilling a 20mm hole through the wood) 5) The very strong stainless steel drinking valve will not get chewed and should not leak. 6) The stainless steel drinking valve is much quieter when the animal is drinking, and being very sensitive when touched gives a good flow of water, that immediately shuts off (without drips) once the animal stops touching it. 7) Due to the drinking nozzle being vertical, not only does this encourage your babies to start drinking more easily but minimizes the chances of hay, straw, food etc getting stuck in the nozzle. (protruding straw etc. can be very harmful to babies eyes) 8) The plastic bottle itself is virtually indestructible, and due to temperature variations should not break or leak, thus saving constant replacement costs. valve opperated so shouldn't drip or leak

Firstly observe your ezi-filla for a few moments to be sure the valve is dripping.
On some occasions any wet patches on your hutch floor can be due to your pet playing with valve.
If you are sure it is the valve leaking, then the most common reason is something stuck in the valve.
Generally a minute particle (often more common in hard water areas) gets stuck in the valve.
This can also occur if any sticky type medications have been used in the water.
This is easily resolved by removing THE STAINLESS STEEL VALVE from the plastic elbow (pliers or a small spanner may be required the first few times)
Clean the shoulders of the two parts inside (often just a wipe with your fingers will suffice) and replace.
This should stop any dripping.

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