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Appx. 17.25"x4" (approx 438x100mm) galvanised internal splash guard (PLEASE READ 'MORE INFO' FOR OTHER USES OF THIS SIZE INTERNAL SPLASH GUARD)

approx. 17.25"x4"galvanised internal splash guard (this size required when required around the base area for 36" long cages with a centre hay rack.(with fixing tabs)
These are generally used around the base area, but can be fitted to most areas of cage if necessary.
Simple to fit inside the cage, easier with 2 people,
Firstly bend the tags to an angle of appx 45 degrees away from guard, offer the guard from inside the cage to the position required and have someone bend the tabs over to secure
Fixing tabs to suit 3/4" suare mesh.

****** This size guard is required if wishing to fit on the 18" sides of degu style cages just above the tray for extra mess protection (also used would be an internal guard for the back of the cage).

***** This size is also used for 24" wide cages for the back of the wood platforms.(or front if required that may suit some cages -not generally used at the front as with some cages may infringe the doorways)

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